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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 17, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> we are live tonight with bay area news at 7:00. coming up, a tense standoff between police and student protesters pose a deadly accident caught on surveillance video -- plus a deadly accident caught on surveillance video. one of the best-known athletes in the world is here in the bay area. complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, november 17. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. hundreds of protesters clashed with police today outside the university of california regents meeting in
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san francisco. they tried to push their way into the meaning and one officer pulled his gun. the regions are scheduled to report tomorrow on a 8% hike at the 10 uc campuses. >> my family is around $50,000 in debt. >> are finding from the state has declined by about 50% in the last 20 years -- are funding from the state. >> police used pepper spray on the demonstrators. one student was arrested a shuttle bus killed a pedestrian this afternoon people in this is tell us the victim was in a crosswalk. jana katsuyama is live in the city with details. >> reporter: the woman was over here trying to cross from the
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north side of geary down to the south side. that is when a shuttle bus was coming up leavenworth and make a left-hand turn. we got some surveillance video that shows the incident. about 12:30 this afternoon calls started coming in from witnesses who saw the woman on the ground. >> i heard the impact. i immediately grabbed my cell phone. >> reporter: a shuttle bus operated by uc san francisco hit the one in. >> he had -- hit her once and then again. >> reporter: you can see the woman stepping up the curb and then you see the bus turned left and suddenly stops. >> they found a 55-year-old woman had been struck by a
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shuttle bus and she was later declared dead. >> reporter: a crowd watched as investigators analyzed the scene. traffic was backed up for nearly three hours in service was delayed on three bus lines as police shut down the area forcing cars to take detours around the crash scene. staff say the bus driver involved in this crash was hired three years ago and had a clean driving record. >> the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with police and investigators and gave a statement. >> reporter: tonight you cfs -- speech released a statement. we extend -- ucsf released a statement could we extend deep condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. they have identified the woman who is a victim but they are
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not releasing her name until they contact the family. the group walked san francisco says the number of pedestrian deaths in the city exceeds the national average. they boil down statistics from a report last year and found san francisco has 2.6 pedestrian fatalities for every 100 residents and the national death rate is 1.333. a high school student is in jail today. they did not release the boy's name since he is a junior a -- he is a juvenile. the car spun out and hit an oncoming cattle truck. in a report today, the bully pleaded guilty to all charges. he will be sentenced november 2nd.
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he will be put into a juvenile detention facility until he was 21 years old. we are learning more about a man who was gunned down in front of the church. members of the church found the body of leon wilson at the foot of the christ outside the church. he was there attending classes to get his ged. witnesses say that his phone rang, he went outside and that is when they heard gunfire. >> it's unfortunate we could not keep this gentleman on my but we did have something here. he was trying to do something positive at the end of his life. >> the church announced today it has received more than $400,000 in grant a man were shot to death in the richmond -- were shot to
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death. a teenager was pronounced dead at the scene. they say that he is from richmond. the shooter drove away in a dark blue chevy suburban. a man convicted of starving his 19-month-old son to death and abusing his 12 other children would be supervised in prison on monday. they say that the corrections department decided against an unsupervised release that he is the leader of a family that included five women and 13 children. he served a minimum of 16 years -- the minimum of his 16 year sentence. attorney gloria allred today and they have agreed to pay $5500 to the housekeeper of
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meg whitman. ron dellums issued his final state of the city address today but instead of giving a speech, he went online for his farewell address. he says it is safer and financially stable. >> reporter: in his state of the city letter, he pointed to new small businesses and increasing employment despite the great recession and he says oakland is safer for all of its residents. crime including homicide is down. when we spoke to people on the streets today they said they do not feel safe. >> we are in very bad shape. we need a lot more direction in what to do with our police force. >> i do not come out at night.
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>> reporter: city councilman say the city is in a critical financial situation. >> you are looking at more than $1 billion unfunded liability and pensions. >> reporter: the mayor thinks that voters passage of a measure continuing a parcel tax will go a long way in bringing back some of the 80 laid off police officers. >> i am hopefully having dinner with the police officers union next week. i want them to negotiate with us. i think if we do became the most of those officers back. >> reporter: oakland will have a new mayor in a few weeks. there has been progress, but the big problem is financial. there was speculation that mayor dellums might leave his post early to take a job in washington dc, however, tonight he denied that and said he would finish his term and is committed to the city of oakland. south san francisco biotech
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firm cinentech announced that they will a of 80. -- they will lay off 80 workers today prepare cutting 1400 jobs nationwide. general motors is police to raise more than $20 billion tomorrow with what could be the largest initial public stock offering in history. this afternoon they sent the stock priced at $33 a share, about $5 higher than was suggested last week. common shares will go on sale when the markets open tomorrow. they indicate growing consumer confidence in gm that as a result, the government stake in general motors will drop to 33%. it was a mixed day on wall street. the dow jones -- the dow jones
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lost 16 points and the nasdaq had a better day picking up six points. tonight champion boxer manny pacquiao is in vallejo. >> reporter: no doubt he is the best fighter in the world. as recently as saturday he was fighting antonio margarito. a fight at pacquiao dominated in the 12 round. he was the unanimous winner. it gave him the dignity and finishing the fight. this is it tonight one of the many things that pacquiao is
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involved in. people come to get their pictures taken with him. it is part of the manny pacquiao foundation that contributes to as many as 5000 people in terms of education back in the philippines. >> he means a whole lot. because of his upbringing, humility and humbleness he contains. he's a great representation of the philippines. >> i support him because he helps people pay that is the biggest thing for him. he helps others. he is doing this events to help others. >> they came to support him, the power of the philippines right now. >> you know, i want to give thanks for what i have right
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now. >> reporter: he is a man of many talents. there is talk that once he finishes boxing he may be a politician back in the philippines. he is also part of a musical group. so manny pacquiao, a man of many talents. the folks here love him. the votes are in. it will nancy pelosi returned? see how close the vote was. applies, one type of show is getting the boot -- one type of show it will feel like winte this weekend. i will tell you exactly when the rain is going to begin
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>> newly elected republican and house of representatives has chosen the next speaker. republicans elected john baynard today and he will replace it nancy pelosi when the next congress takes the oath of office. she will continue to lead her party. democrats elected her minority leader today. we have details from washington dc to. >> reporter: she won three out of every four votes today from her democratic colleagues. a 43 democrats voting for someone else -- 43 democrats voting for someone else could there was a lot of unrest in the room before the vote. >> reporter: they met behind those closed doors for five hours be when they walked out, nancy pelosi and her leadership team were all smiles. she remains leader of the house democrats. >> i am the person to take us
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to victory because i have done it before. i feel confident and i am so proud of our members. so many of them said they want to keep the door open to running again and to work with his leadership team. >> reporter: she had to win a war on two fronts. one faction wanted to delay the vote until after the thanksgiving recess to allow for collaborations. another faction voted instead for the nfl cornerback turned congressman for north carolina. >> to ensure that we have a seat at the table. i think that is what most of america would ask. >> she will have to bring those guys in, talk to them. try to figure out what they want. if she has any credibility, she's going to have to do it
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very quickly. >> reporter: she keeps a big suite of offices and control over who was on what committee. there is a guarantee that you'll see a lot of her in 2012. >> it is pretty much a nancy pelosi's favor. it knocked out dozens of moderate swing state democrats that would have voted against her likely. california democrats make up 20% of the democratic caucus and she could have easily survived election night. beheaded the transportation security's initiation admitted that the new pat downs at your point -- the head of the transportation committee admitted that the new pat downs at airports are more. many travelers find both pat
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downs and full body scanners to be an invasion of privacy. there was a lawsuit against a former immigration attorney. dennis herrera accused him of preying on people in the city's immigrant communities and as for penalties as much as $2500 per investigation. illegal dumping costs the city plenty to holloway stuff that people leave on the sidewalk or the streets so they launched a new campaign. the department of public works wants people to report stuff when they see it. >> it's important that we realized what dumping mean- spiritedness not just a little garbage. it has tons and tons of garbage. >> as a part of the program the city plans to let people know about free and low-cost
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alternatives. there will be no more raves at the cow palace. just three weeks ago 17 people were sickened at the cow palace. a crime scene investigator returned to the witness stand today. she gave a little more than one hour of direct testimony yesterday and today she underwent hours of cross- examination by seven different defense attorneys. she described taking pictures of the badly injured victim who see said appeared to be barely a live. police hope this surveillance video will help catch three men who tried to rob a restaurant. three masked men tried to rob a
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chucky cheese in newark. they herded 40 customers into a storage room but did not get away with any cash. three men remain on balloons and local residents on edge. >> i would not feel confident bringing my kids back. there are people on drugs and certain other things that will affect them. they will do whatever they need to do to run their life. >> police say they are following up on leads at this time and are looking for three men in their 20s. the president gave a ucsf professor and three silicon valley engineers the nation's highest awards in science. the neurology professor was given the national medal of science. he won the 1997 nobel prize in medicine for his discovery. the scientists were awarded a joint medal of science metal at
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intel. the internet game farmville will allow players to buy candy cane seeds and will go to the hospital to raise money for haiti. skywatchers will be treated to a meteor shower tonight. find out the best time to watch. this weather does not feel like mid-november. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us with more wet weather expected to hit the bay area. er feoel cort eeit t totr ree
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>> if you look towards the eastern sky tonight you may see a shooting star or two. there is a meteor shower with as many as 15 meteors per hour. the best time is just before dawn and, of course, cloud cover could be a problem. >> do not act like you would be up just before dawn. >> i have two kids. i just might. >> in most locations it's clear. it would be a beautiful night.
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it will be cool and fog will be out there. 57 in concord. it was cold last night we had temperatures into the freezing range. this next weather system is coming down the coast. cold air does not hold a lot of water so it is not a big rain event is mainly drizzle and wet showers. low snow levels friday night, saturday, and into sunday. overnight lows are kind of cool. cold air will come right over the top of us. there is moisture, but not like we saw last couple storms. friday afternoons commute is kind of sprinkly. friday you go to bed, it's
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raining a little bit. in the mountains probablya snow advisory. here is saturday afternoon and sunday. the heaviest rain will be saturday afternoon. if you are in the northbay you will see maybe up to 1 inch of rain over the next two or three days. 66 in san jose. so you're thursday is the last kind of really nice day. temperatures have been trending down. your five-day forecast breaks out like this. showers friday afternoon. >> thank you, bill. >> while, the crab is piling up at fisherman's wharf. they are loading the crab into huge bins so they can be
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processed. fishermen say they are confident they would be getting around $1.75 per pound and that translates to four or $5 a pound at the grocery store. that is a report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues over at and with our 10:00 news. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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